UPDATED POST: How To Fix A Broken Powder

Hi guys!

Old subscribers of this blog might know about this life-saving method from this post. But if you are new, welcome welcome!

This is a very short post, as I have given a very detailed explanation on how to go about fixing broken powders. The video below just adds one or two things I’ve incorporated since that time and shows you how to do it.

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My Best of 2016

Hi guys. I hope it’s not too late to wish you a happy new year.

I thank God for past years, but I most especially thank Him for 2017 because it is a better year for me, a year of growth. Yep, I choose to make positive confessions 😆.

Today’s post would be a recap, a projection of my best of 2016.

One lucky person stands the chance of winning an airtime voucher at the end. Just keep reading ✌.

Look 1
Look 2
Look 3
Look 4
Look 5
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First person to get it correctly gets the airtime voucher. I’ll leave a comment under your answer if you’re the winner.

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Until my next post.

Christmas Beauty A’Fair 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen, another makeup fair is upon us!!

Christmas comes early as Pops Concepts, organizers of Nigeria’s largest MakeUp & Beauty Trade Show “The MakeUp Fair Series”, presents its Annual Christmas Beauty A’Fair 2016 proudly sponsored by Queen New York Hope Gel Polish and supported by AIT and Zaron Cosmetics.

This event is a great shopping event for the gift-giving season. It is designed to get attendees/visitors/shoppers in the festive spirit and provide a platform to shop from all their favorite beauty brands/vendors at great sales/discount prices, stock up on all your favorites and get your holiday shopping done and find that perfect Christmas beauty gift (wishlist) for yourself and loved ones.

Event Details
Date:    Sunday, 4th December, 2016
Venue: Classique Event Place – 7A, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Lagos
Time:    10am -7pm

Attendance is FREE!!

The fair promises to be fun as it will showcase a variety of makeup and beauty brands/professionals, product launch, demos, special offers, treats, food and drinks, networking, loads of freebies for grabs plus lots and lots of entertainment.

Even my friends know I don’t joke with these fairs. So don’t be selfish, come along with friends, family and colleagues and enjoy a beauty-full shopping experience.

Oh, and if you see me there, come say hello.

Happy new month.


The theme of this shoot was chosen to represent an African woman, one who is a hero in her little way, who can speak up for herself and is not easily intimidated by negative situations, and who wants to impact people as much as is within her power.

Olanrewaju Adebona helped bring this idea to life. See pictures and products used below. Continue reading “AFRICAN-INSPIRED SHOOT + GIVEAWAY”

Nude Series

Hello ladies.


If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen a picture of this look. This was rush work actually. Woke up that morning, feeling really good and bubbly because this blog which was down for a couple of days (got me very very worried) started to work again. Yipeeeee!!

Anyway, I thought to myself, “Why not just do a full face glam to the office today?” Usually, I do a normal look to work; brows, eyeliner, foundation (when I feel like it) and powder. My colleagues know I’m a makeup artist, but the comments I got on this day! baby girl was walking on stars. Lol.

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Nigerian Brands You Should Patronize

Even a child knows that the exchange rate is extremely high and that it is not ‘going to sleep’ anytime soon 😢. You know how we’ve all been saying “buy Nigerian to grow the Naira”, well, I want to help you.

Below is a list of tested & trusted Nigerian brands that are pocket friendly.

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Happy 24th birthday to me!!


Birthdays always get me excited; you should see the huge grin on my face as I type this.

I have come a long long way. God has been my guide, my helper, favoured me more than I deserve, and for this I’m extremely grateful to him.

Anyway, to the post for today. A friend of mine recently asked me (in her own words), “what’s the latest foundation o, let me not carry last”, lol. And I thought to share it and more with you guys. Continue reading “CURRENT FAVES + IT’S MY BIRTHDAY”


PicsArt_08-23-10.49.24 (1)

Bukola is my trainee/friend who I met a little over two months ago, and she’s one of the friendliest, sweetest people I’ve met in my lifetime. She has a very open mind, always asking questions and willing to learn. And we look alike *wide grin*, at least that’s what people think (I still don’t see the resemblance).

Anyway, she finished with her training class and I decided to work on her face. Why I didn’t do that sooner, I honestly don’t know, because her face is a makeup artist’s dream; full brows, eyelids, she even has a beauty spot! Sigh. Continue reading “BUKOLA’S TRANSFORMATION”

How To Fix A Broken Powder

Hello guys. Happy new month to you. The year is surprisingly running fast, which I like, lol. I really hope you guys are doing okay.

Today’s post has been a real lifesaver ever since I discovered this fix-it tip from other blogs. I’m certain it would be of help to everyone that follows this blog (and every other person you refer here). I mean, I’ve had to deal with messy makeup bags because of some broken compact powders, eyeshadows, bronzers and the likes, which I eventually had to throw out, and we can all agree that it isn’t a good experience at all. With the way the economy is, this isn’t even the best time to spend extra money replacing broken makeup items; I’ll just cry on my way to the store.


* Rubbing Alcohol (or spirit, as it’s popularly known).

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