Some of my friends have been asking questions about their eyebrows, and so I’ve decided to put up something about getting the perfect brows (it’ll come up pretty soon). It would definitely be helpful 🙂



I’ve got the rest ready for upload….

I absolutely love her smile….she was fun all through, made Ekene’s job really easy.

Really simple yet so cute 😉

And Ife’s poise….really classy 😉

Photography:   Atueyi Ekene | @atueyiekene
Makeup Artist:    Sena Brushover
Models:          Opeyemi Dabiri, Glory Igboin, Ife Olatunbosun

Hey there lovelies….hope you had a great weekend. I know it’s been a really long while since I posted anything….so sorry for my inconsistencies. Y’all remember I had a shoot a while back….well….the pictures are ready for upload!!!! It was a very successful shoot, thanks to Atueyi Ekene….he’s such a darling, and the best at what he does.