Happy New Month everyone, welcome to December!

I decided to share this because I’ve been trying so many things with the gallon of honey my father just bought (I hope he doesn’t find out though). He’s been buying for years and I’ve just been wasting and misusing it, ignorant to its many benefits. But now that I know how useful it is, mehn!, I’m never letting go!

The benefits of honey go beyond its great taste, as it has become a fantastic substitute for sugar (my father is a big fan, and so am I). Apart from its nutritional benefits, it is also very useful beauty-wise!

*Lip Scrub:
Honey mixed with brown sugar and few drops of lemon juice, when applied to the lips, does a great job of smoothing and softening the lips. Gently
exfoliate for about 5mins and leave it on for another 5mins; it removes dead skin cells. You could apply raw honey to your lips and leave overnight.

*Hair Conditioner:
Its moisturizing property also makes it a great natural hair conditioner. Mix with olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil, and apply to the hair after washing, gently detangling. Leave to sit in for 20-30mins and rinse off. It also gives luster to dull hair.

*Facial Treatment:
Its anti-bacterial property makes it a natural cleanser for acne. Just apply raw honey to the affected area and leave it on for about 15mins. You could also try out some DIY facial masks with honey as an ingredient; I use honey and oats and it is EXCELLENTE! (tutorial coming soon). However, if you are skeptical about adding anything to honey, use it that way, it’ll still work fine.

Recently I found out that taking a spoonful of honey before bed every night also helps you in losing weight, whilst boosting your energy. Don’t know how true that is o, but I’m yet to find out.

Until later, ciao :*



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