When it comes to getting inspiration from beauty dons (not ignoring the fact that I have a mind of my own), I’m usually very choosy, especially with the funny things people do these days. And so, I’ll be giving a list of people I get tips from, one after the other as the days go by.


What She Says About Herself:
She’s a 23 year old girl from London with an unhealthy shoe obsession! A bit
of a geek but is also into beauty and style, founder of beauty blog MEEK-N-MILD.

What I Think About Her:
I absolutely looooove and admire this girl, and I’ve been stalking her for God-knows-how-long. She’s beautiful, can be simple yet so classy, a neat-freak, a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-all. I don’t even know how else to describe her sef. When I started my journey into the makeup-dom, she was one of my go-to-sources, and still is anyway. I got basic makeup tutorials from her and they were really helpful.

You can check out her blog MEEK-N-MILD or follow her on twitter @ShirleyBEniang. I’m sure you’ll love her.

Until later, ciao :*

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