Hi guys. I have my eyebrow tutorial as promised, yaaay finally :D. I’m really excited to share it with you and I hope you find it useful. Enjoy!


Shapen the brow, with your razor or tweezers, to desired shape, or something like this. Ermmm, the brow is this way because I’m trying to groom it, just bear with me.


Outline the brow directly above and below the hairline, ensuring that both lines meet at the end. If it isn’t so neat, don’t bother about it.


Fill in the brows with LIGHT strokes so they don’t appear too dark or thick or unnatural. You could make use of brow powder your shade or a brow pencil. I’ll recommend sleek eyebrow pencil. It’s very soft and powdery in texture and allows for effortless application.


Brush the brow all through with a mascara wand.


Highlight the brow with your concealer, directly above and below the hairline (ensuring that it doesn’t get into the already-filled brow), just as you did when outlining. You have to be very careful with this step as it is the most important, because it defines the brow. To highlight, I’ll recommend milani secret-cover concealer.


Blend the concealer properly into your skin with a multi-purpose brush (which is the usual eyeshadow brush you find in small eyeshadow palettes) or Q-tips (cotton buds).
At the end of everything, you should have something that looks like this:

Don’t mind that the left brow looks funny and different. You can also browse through my gallery to see what an ideal eyebrow should look like.

Until later, ciao :*


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