The title of this post came up because I had to work on a would-be bride who had very small eyes, more like saucers, yea that’s the word. I used black eye-pencil for her waterline but I didn’t like the result I got because it just made her eyes look tinier. And so I decided to find out how I can make my eyes look bigger. Here are some results I’ve tried out.

*Use white eye-pencil or any other color instead of black for your waterline.

Note the difference between both eyeballs (Ignore the brows biko).

*If you want to use black, do not apply directly on the waterline. Apply it just below the lower lash-line, and do not let it get to the inner corner of your eye.
*Use white or silver eyeshadow for the inner corner of your eye and darken the outer corner.
*Use black eyeliner on upper lash-line and leave the waterline bare.
*Curl your upper lashes.
*Apply a volumnising mascara to both your upper and lower lashes.

These methods work wonders, you should try them out too.

Until later, ciao :*.

Oh my bad, don’t mind my manners, I didn’t ask how you were doing. Hope y’all had a lovely weekend.



  1. Anonymous

    Thnks Debbie….but did u say we shld apply white/silver eyeshadow in d inner coner of the eye? Don't rly get how one is to do that. Cld u pls explain. Thnks


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