Good morning fam ♥. How has 2014 been so far? Wonderful, I believe. This is my first post this year *yaaay*. Before I go on, I want to thank you guys for your encouragement. Imagine my surprise when I saw over 3000 pageviews on the blog today, all from you. I really appreciate it, means so much to me. Keep viewing, keep sharing, keep commenting.
Well, in the spirit of celebration, and since I’m in such a very happy mood, I’ve decided that the first to leave a comment + email address on this post gets recharge airtime.

Y’all remember I started something on people that inspire me when it comes to fashion/beauty/makeup tips some weeks back (check HERE for the post). Well, here is a continuation of that. Hopefully, it’ll be regular (probably weekly or bi-weekly) from now on.


What She Says About Herself:
She is a Nigerian, an Igbo girl to be exact, a foodie, lover of all things makeup and a lover of God.

What I Think About Her:
Mehn, Chidimma is one fine Igbo girl and she’s got a smooth face (I’m a sucker for flawless faces, especially babies’). Her makeup is always awe-mazing, and I always look forward to new posts on her blog. Why won’t I, when her makeup video tutorials are usually easy to follow.

One of her ankara-Inspired looks

I even posted something about her being my makeup crush HERE.

She recently got the Nigerian Blog Award for the Best Beauty Blog, and guess what, she deserves it, because I voted for her 😀 ;).

For more of Dimma, you can check out her blog ThatIgboChick or follow on twitter @Thatigbochick or instagram @thatigbochick.

Until later, ciao:*

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