Happy new month beauties and a happy Sunday to you too. *whew* This year is running fast, and guess what, SenaBrushover will be one year soon, that’s right :D. I so can’t wait, I’m looking forward to it.

Now unto today’s matter, I’ve always wondered what people have against using bath sponge on the face. I remember as a child that I used it on my face, and as I grew, people began to tell me how it wasn’t good for the face, that it causes acne and all. But then i realized that I had more acne from the moment i stopped using the sponge.
This led me to go back to it and I discovered that the acne reduced. I mean, my mom has been using it for years and she doesn’t have a pimple or spot. She even believes that the harder you scrub, the better, lol (don’t take that seriously). I also did a little research in order to seek people’s opinion on it.

I concluded that it depends on the skin type. Some might use it and it just wouldn’t work out for them. However, for those that it works for, the sponge serves as an exfoliating tool for the face, making it very soft and glowy. Note that this bath sponge should be very soft, as a hard one can do more damage than good to your face, and it should be used gently on the face.

For those that it doesn’t work for, you can make use of a facial/exfoliating scrub orΒ this homemade scrub. It would also do the job.

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Until later, ciao :*



  1. Actually depends on the kind of soap you're using too bath, medicated soaps are to strong for your face so your face gets wrinkled earlier than it ought to if you use medicated soaps often but don't think sponge is bad though #myThought


  2. I haven't used sponge on my face for nearly 10years and I don't think it has helped much. Before the week out I'll go out and get a soft sponge, time to try something different. Go post btw


  3. MosunOdulate

    Thanks for d info Debbie. I for one use hand glove sponges on my face particularly cos I think its exfoliating and it suits me well. But as u said, its all dependent majorly on skin type so its improtant one studies his/her skin type very well so as to know wats best for it….


  4. Serah kassim

    Ife Olat.. Yes oh uv spoken for your Fans jare. Ose dear.. I guess it depends on your skin type thou because using sponge to scrub my face really helps..Senami thanks for this 1 I'd keep on using it then!


  5. Through out my high skool days i made use of sponge trust me it didnt help at i had to stop n ever since the acne reduced(not like my face is flawless) i would say sponge is a NO NO for me.


  6. sponge on ma face is d way 4wrd 4 me cos it givs me this brighter nd less oily face, has helped reduce oil on ma face plus no pimples nd acne afterwards, mum is rite abt usin sponge on ur face jo. nice 1 debie


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