Hello lovelies. It’s another post-day, with a giveaway. At least I don’t have to worry about the really hot weather anymore, seeing that we now have this cool breeze which came from yesterday’s sudden rain; I’m so glad it rained.
Now for the giveaway; the first to leave a comment + email address gets airtime.

Today, I’ll be focusing on another of my beauty-nsprirations, this happens to be my third post on that (click to read the first and second).


What She Says About Herself:
Born March 27, Jennie ‘JJ’ Jenkins is a 25-year old UK-based makeup artist. She started her Youtube channel in 2010 and is known to everyone by her name “Beautybyjj”.

What I Think About Her:
This is ‘our biggest aunty in the makeup-dom’, lol. Jennie is the best beauty/fashion vlogger ever. She is so practical when doing her videos and her tutorials are as explanatory as they can be. From hair to her makeup to her clothes, she is one classy lady.

See more pictures of her below:


You can get more of Jennie on:

Check out this video of hers below:

The first to leave a comment + email address wins airtime. 
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Until later, ciao :*


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