Hello ladies. How are you doing? Hope y’all are putting your time to good use. I’m typing right now with so much excitement because Nigeria is doing me proud in this match against Argentina, go Eagles!!!! Hopefully, the excitement will last. Who knows, I just might do a Nigerian-flag-inspired look.

Anyway, today’s post will be a very short one, as I’ll just show to you the stuffs I got from the 3rd Lagos Makeup Fair. I didn’t get to take so many pictures of exhibitor stands and makeup artists/bloggers, as I didn’t stay for so long, forgive me for that. Enjoy!

Β Apart from the LA Girl Pro Concealers, which i did a review on a while back, the wet ‘n’ wild creme eyeliner is the only other product I’ve tried out. It comes with an applicator, an angled brush, and is creamy in nature, as the name implies. This eyeliner doesn’t bleed/smudge and lasts for so long; I had to wash my face over and again to get it off.


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Until later, ciao :*


10 thoughts on “LMUF3 MINI-HAUL

  1. Hey! Just discovered your blog, you should totally take part in Lola Maja's competition. The prizes are pretty amazing and since you already plan to do a World Cup inspired look, it wouldn't hurt to try.


    I have the LA Pro girl concealer in Warm Honey, i use it to conceal my brows and i'm learning to highlight with it too. I got it recently because my little my little brother accidentally broke my MAC prolongwear concealer, so far so good sha.



  2. Anonymous

    Hi debby. M an avid ff on dis ur blog. I need an advice. I use milani deep powder with marykay 607 foundation bt it feels somehow; like it doesn't blend or sth n I v acne. Looking forward to ur reply


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