Hello dolls! I hope you missed me as much I missed you. I believe you are doing great. 

Now, unto the matter of the day. I let on in my last post that I would do a Nigerian-flag-inspired look (check out my World Cup look in this post), and you, my amazing readers, encouraged me to.

I got the perfect model for this look; not only does she have a flawless face, she’s bubbly and was able to interpret the look very well.

*Mary-kay foundation in 507
*La Girl Pro Concealer in Warm Honey for highlighting
*Milani mineralized compact powder in medium
*Jordana retractable pencil in black for the dark areas of the football
*NYX Jumbo pencil in milk

*Jordana brow pencil in dark brown
*LA Girl Pro concealer in toffee to highlight her brows
*Wet ‘n’ wild creme eyeliner
*False lashes
*Sleek mascara

*Green eyeshadow
*NYX jumbo pencil in milk

Thanks to one of my amazing readers, Tuke Morgan, I entered for Lola Maja’s worldcup-inspired makeup competition. Here’s where y’all come in. Kindly go follow Lola Maja on Instagram: @lolamaja and @mysacredbeauty, look out for my pictures as she posts worldcup-inspired looks, and then LIKE, LIKE, LIKE!

Thanks a lot for your love and support, and for always reading my posts. Kisses :* :* :*

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