I can’t over-emphasize how important a makeup primer as I still don’t understand why some ladies choose to skip it when applying makeup. If only they knew how much better makeup would look on the face when a primer is used.

1.  It evens out the skin tone of the face
and can even be used alone if you’re trying to achieve a natural fresh-faced look.

2. It allows you use less makeup as the primer covers some imperfections (and as indicated in 1, it evens out your skin tone).

3. It makes the face a smoother platform to be worked on.

4. It acts as a base for makeup application.

5. It acts as a barrier between the makeup and the face; so the makeup is applied on the primer instead of directly on the skin.

6. It absorbs oil making your makeup last longer.

7. It brightens up the face.

1. Moisturize your skin.
2. Leave the moisturizer to set for some seconds.
3. Apply the primer with a wedge, brush or your finger (ensure that your hands are clean).
4. Apply makeup.

I really hope this post is convincing enough for those who are yet to make use of a primer.

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Until later, ciao :* :* :*


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