1-YEAR HAIRNNIVERSARY | Natural Hair Journey


Hi guys. Happy Easter weekend to everyone.

So from the title, this post is about my natural hair journey. I get questions like “how do you take care of your hair?”, what do you use?”, “how come it’s so soft?”, and so on. So basically, this is about my routine and the products I use. 

I had my big chop on April 5th, 2014 (this makes my hair ONE in some days), before which I had transitioned for 6months. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learnt from them (still learning), and I hope you learn from this too.

1.   You don’t want to comb your hair dry, as this might cause a lot of breakage and give you a headache. Moisten your hair with some water, leave it in for about 5minutes, then comb.

2.   Please be gentle on your edges. You don’t want to thin them out or lose them altogether.

3.    Your fingers are your best tools when it comes to de-tangling your hair.
1.   I co-wash every week with Tresemme conditioner.

2.   Then I deep-condition with any of these two:
      Mix 1:
      *Olive oil
      *Castor oil
      *Coconut oil
      *Shea butter
      *Leave-in conditioner
      *Coconut milk
      Mix 2:
      *Olive oil
      *Castor oil
      *Coconut oil
      *Shea butter
      *Leave-in conditioner

3.   I leave this mix in for about 1hour with a shower cap on, and rinse off   thereafter. I prefer Mix 1 though, because it leaves my hair really really soft and easy to de-tangle (I must say at this point that my hair is naturally soft. So this would be a good option for those who don’t have really soft hair).

4.   Sometimes, if I remember, I do a tea rinse using Lipton tea-bags.

5.   I wash once a month with Tresemme shampoo.

6.   Then I condition with Tresemme conditioner.

7.   I do a protein treatment afterwards using:
      *Olive oil
      *Castor oil
      *Coconut oil
      *Shea butter
      *Cantu shea leave-in conditioning repair cream

8.   I leave this in for about 15-20minutes with a shower cap on, and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

9.   Every morning, while having my bath, I just pour some water on my hair, shake off some of the water and apply olive oil and shea butter.

10.  I spray my hair at intervals with a mixture of water, coconut oil, olive oil and leave-in conditioner from my spray bottle.

11.  I ensure I sleep with a satin/silk cap/scarf. If I’m too tired to tie a scarf, I just spread it over my pillow, and I’m good to go (though, most times, I find it somewhere else on the bed the next morning *lol*).

12.  I’ve learnt that the best detanglers to use are the fingers, after which you can use a wide-toothed comb.

My go-to hairstyle is a twist-out, which ends in a fro *lol*. I’ve not been too experimental when it comes to styling.
1.    I spray my hair with a little water.
2.   Apply coconut oil, olive oil and just a little castor oil.
3.   Apply some shea butter.
4.   Then i braid the hair into small parts.
5.   Loosen it the next morning, and separate with my fingers.


*    Tresemme shampoo and conditioner
*    Dark ‘n’ Lovely leave-in conditioner
*    Elasta QP anti-breakage leave-in conditioner
*    Jamaican black castor oil
*    Goya extra virgin olive oil
*    Vanity coconut oil
*    Cantu shea-butter leave-in conditioning repair cream
*    Heinz mayonnaise
*    Shea butter
*    Eco styler gel

There you have it guys! I hope this has been really helpful.


13 thoughts on “1-YEAR HAIRNNIVERSARY | Natural Hair Journey

  1. Oluwafunke

    Wow, I love the look of your hair within a year. I started my hair journey last year, but I didn't get much result because I had introduced my hair to too much relaxing before then. Like I usually relax almost every month. I transitioned late last year and I did the big chop in February 2015. I believe in protective styling, I'll appreciate if you do a post on that. I must say I'm already seeing results over here . But I never envisioned a growth like yours within a year. I'm challenged by yours now and I'm giving this all it takes. By the way, it's good to know I'm not the only that sees my silk scarf under my pillow when I wake up *lol! Well done dear and thanks for this post.


  2. Thanks a lot for this post. My friend introduced me to your page when we were talking about the team natural journey✌ . I have gone through some other blogs and some of the products just sound strange.. Lol.. Coz I can't even find half of them in stores.. And they kept talking about no sulfates and all that then I started looking at my dark and lovely leave in conditioner funny.. Like *should you throw you away?* But your products are more realistic with the actual jar of mayonnaise.. Lol and easy to get around.. So ill just go your routine and I hope it works for me!! Id like to know how to get the castor oil and coconut milk and coconut oil.. As per the real deal. Thanks


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