Hi guys. Hope you are all doing great?
Today’s post is a look I created after church yesterday, as there’s usually not enough time before church to do something serious. I especially love this one because I had fun shooting, and because purple happens to be one of my favorite colors, hehe.

Forgive the state of my brows, I’m growing them.

Look at that cheekbone! Dang!

Zaron face primer
Marykay foundation (607)
LA girl pro conceal (Beautiful bronze & Fawn)
Milani compact powder (Deep)
Maybelline clear smooth powder (Cacao)
Ben nye banana powder
Zaron blush

Jordana pencil (Deep brown)
LA girl pro conceal (Toffee)
House of Tara eyeshadow primer
Bhcosmetics eyeshadow palette (3rd edition)
House of Tara eyeshadow palette (Margaret Ekpo)
Sleek eyeliner and mascara
Revlon false lashes (D63)
Maybelline colossal kajal

Milani lipstick (Matte Glam)
Milani lipstick (Black Cherry)
LA girl pro conceal (Beautiful bronze)

There you have it guys! More pictures would go up on my instagram page. Be sure to follow, and tag me to any recreations of this look and more.

Oh, before I forget, picture credit goes to my amazing friend Adeoluwa. Thank you so much dear.

Have a lovely week guys and stay beautiful.



Hello beauties.

Today’s post would be a very short one. No long story, just a list of products used, so that you can also re-create this look I created on a client for her party. 

Zaron face primer
Mary-kay foundation (404 & 500)
La girl pro conceal (Fawn & Golden Biege)
Maybelline clear smooth powder (Cacao)
Milani minerals compact powder (Light)
Ben Nye banana powder
Sleek 3-in-1 blush

Hegai & Esther brow pomade (Nubia)
Jordana pencil (Dark brown)
La girl pro conceal (Fawn)
Mary-kay eyeshadow primer
Bhcosmetics 120 color eyeshadow palette (3rd edition)
Sleek eyeliner and mascara
Revlon false lashes
Maybelline colossal kajal

Maybelline baby lips
Wet ‘n’ wild lipstick (Bare it all)
Milani lipstick (Black cherry)
La girl pro conceal (Fawn)

There you have it!

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Hi guys.

For today’s post, I decided to put up a few of my current favorite makeup artists. They are such a source of inspiration to me. There are times when I run out of ideas on looks to do on myself or on clients, and I just find myself going to the Instagram pages of these makeup artists.

Below are looks they’ve created which I really really love. Enjoy!


I hope they are as much inspiration to you as they are to me.



You know how you go out feeling all super cute and ‘fleeky. And then you come back home after a long day, look into the mirror, only to discover that the lipstick on your lower lip is bleeding at the corner, and you’ve even got some on your teeth!! And to think you looked that way all day! That’s just nasty.

Well, goodbye to that because help is here *wink*. 

Here are some to tips to help you wear your lippie the right way.

1.  Be sure to exfoliate your lips. You could use a toothbrush, or a lip scrub, either store-bought or a DIY lip scrub (e.g. sugar and coconut oil/vaseline).

2.  Apply a lip balm. We know how important it is to moisturize the skin, but then we tend to ignore the lips. And then, we lick our lips a lot, leaving them dry. This is where the lip balm comes in; helps keep the lips moisturized.

3.  Gently wipe off the balm after it has stayed on for some minutes.

4.  Apply foundation, as this would act as a base/primer for your lipstick.

5.  If you want to achieve a nude look, you could apply a gloss over your foundation-primed lip, and you’re good to go.

6.  After applying the foundation, line your lip with a lip liner.

7.  Apply your lipstick. Be sure to smile, so that the lipstick gets into every part of your lip.

8.  Apply concealer around areas that need to be cleaned (such as the corners) to give your lips that defined, finished look.

There you have it!

Stay beautiful always.

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