You know how you go out feeling all super cute and ‘fleeky. And then you come back home after a long day, look into the mirror, only to discover that the lipstick on your lower lip is bleeding at the corner, and you’ve even got some on your teeth!! And to think you looked that way all day! That’s just nasty.

Well, goodbye to that because help is here *wink*. 

Here are some to tips to help you wear your lippie the right way.

1.  Be sure to exfoliate your lips. You could use a toothbrush, or a lip scrub, either store-bought or a DIY lip scrub (e.g. sugar and coconut oil/vaseline).

2.  Apply a lip balm. We know how important it is to moisturize the skin, but then we tend to ignore the lips. And then, we lick our lips a lot, leaving them dry. This is where the lip balm comes in; helps keep the lips moisturized.

3.  Gently wipe off the balm after it has stayed on for some minutes.

4.  Apply foundation, as this would act as a base/primer for your lipstick.

5.  If you want to achieve a nude look, you could apply a gloss over your foundation-primed lip, and you’re good to go.

6.  After applying the foundation, line your lip with a lip liner.

7.  Apply your lipstick. Be sure to smile, so that the lipstick gets into every part of your lip.

8.  Apply concealer around areas that need to be cleaned (such as the corners) to give your lips that defined, finished look.

There you have it!

Stay beautiful always.

Photo credit: hercampus.com


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