Hello guys!
Sooooooo, lol, my plan was to slide in, put up a post and go away like I didn’t just let 5 months go by without a post. I sincerely apologize for that. Truth is, I’ve been too lazy to create time to type anything, I’ve not even visited my own blog in a long time! However, my Instagram page is always active, so ensure you follow me if you are not following already *kisses*.

As you can tell from the title of this post, I’d be giving you tips that can be taken into consideration when applying your lipstick. So, if you’re a lady, get in here (guys, refer your lady friends), and let’s get started.

Hack #1:

Before you start your face makeup, use a lip balm on your lips. This would keep your lips moisturized and soft until you’re ready to apply the lipstick (at this point, you can clean off the balm with a facial/baby wipe).
Hack #2:

Apply a little foundation or concealer on your lips and blend properly. This would help your lipstick color pop.

Hack #3:

To get the perfect cupid’s bow, mark an X around your natural cupid’s bow with a lip liner (and line your lips as usual), and fill up with your lipstick after.

Hack #4:

To achieve matte lips without having to use a matte lipstick, all you need is a translucent powder or a shimmer-free eyeshadow color that is close to your lipstick color. Dab some of it on your lips using your finger after applying your lipstick. This gives it a matte/dry finish, and even helps it last longer.
There you have it. Read, leave a comment and share with your friends. You never know, this could save a life *wink*.


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