Health and Safety in Makeup and Beauty Campaign.

Hello guys. I hope you all have been enjoying the long holiday, I sure have. Eid-Mubarak to all my Muslim readers and clients.

Today’s post is one that has made me really worried over the past few days. Usually, when I hear of fake products, what comes to my mind is that the product is a knock-off of the original. I’ve seenΒ one/two people online who reacted to a product because it was fake. But recently, I got to know of a fellow Nigerian makeup artist and beauty blogger, Yemisi Seriki of Nsure Beauty StudioΒ who fell victim of such fake products, and it’s just saddening to think that people actually manufacture things like that and market it to the public for use. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT?!! I could feel her pain as I read her post about her experience.

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