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Bukola is my trainee/friend who I met a little over two months ago, and she’s one of the friendliest, sweetest people I’ve met in my lifetime. She has a very open mind, always asking questions and willing to learn. And we look alikeΒ *wide grin*, at least that’s what people think (I still don’t see the resemblance).

Anyway, she finished with her training class and I decided to work on her face. Why I didn’t do that sooner, I honestly don’t know, because her face is a makeup artist’s dream; full brows, eyelids, she even has a beauty spot! Sigh. Continue reading “BUKOLA’S TRANSFORMATION”


How To Fix A Broken Powder

Hello guys. Happy new month to you. The year is surprisingly running fast, which I like, lol. I really hope you guys are doing okay.

Today’s post has been a real lifesaver ever since I discovered this fix-it tip from other blogs. I’m certain it would be of help to everyone that follows this blog (and every other person you refer here). I mean, I’ve had to deal with messy makeup bags because of some broken compact powders, eyeshadows, bronzers and the likes, which I eventually had to throw out, and we can all agree that it isn’t a good experience at all. With the way the economy is, this isn’t even the best time to spend extra money replacing broken makeup items; I’ll just cry on my way to the store.


* Rubbing Alcohol (or spirit, as it’s popularly known).

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