The theme of this shoot was chosen to represent an African woman, one who is a hero in her little way, who can speak up for herself and is not easily intimidated by negative situations, and who wants to impact people as much as is within her power.

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Nude Series

Hello ladies.


If you follow me onΒ Instagram, you must have seen a picture of this look. This was rush work actually. Woke up that morning, feeling really good and bubbly because this blog which was down for a couple of days (got me very very worried) started to work again. Yipeeeee!!

Anyway, I thought to myself, “Why not just do a full face glam to the office today?” Usually, I do a normal look to work; brows, eyeliner, foundation (when I feel like it) and powder. My colleagues know I’m a makeup artist, but the comments I got on this day! baby girl was walking on stars. Lol.

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Nigerian Brands You Should Patronize

Even a child knows that the exchange rate is extremely high and that it is not ‘going to sleep’ anytime soon 😒. You know how we’ve all been saying “buy Nigerian to grow the Naira”, well, I want to help you.

Below is a list of tested & trusted Nigerian brands that are pocket friendly.

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